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The Lord Jesus has designed His local church with leadership and authority for the purpose of oversight and guidance in matters pertaining to spiritual life (1Timothy 3). Also, the Bible tells us that each believer in Jesus Christ is endowed with a spiritual gift for the purpose of building up other believers in the faith (Ephesians 4). Membership to a local church is vital for the individual follower of Christ and the community they live in.

At North Point Church we believe that membership is not the same thing as “attendance” or “growing up in a particular church.” It is far more important. We believe it is the starting point in the journey of real significant growth and service for Jesus Christ. In 1Corinthians the church is described metaphorically as a “building” with Jesus Christ as the foundation. A building is only good if the boards are nailed down. If the 2x4’s are simply laying there with the other materials they don’t do much good. It is only when they are nailed in properly that the building (the church) and the 2x4’s (individuals) have real meaning and use.

Membership at North Point is the uniting together with other followers of Jesus Christ. People who want to live out their faith in intentional, Biblical ways under the mission, vision and DNA of North Point Church.

If you want to know more about becoming a member of North Point Church please contact us here.

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