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Ladies' Ministry

At North Point, our Ladies' Ministry has many purposes:

  • Growth in knowledge of scripture through Bible study and discussion.

  • Encouragement of one another, regardless of the stage of life you're in - Whether you're young or old, single, married, or divorced, or raising children, grandchildren, or no children, there's a place for you in this ministry.

  • Availability to pray for one another, to help one another, and to gather together when needs arise.

  • Sharing of burdens and concerns - Our small group settings allow ladies to share with others the struggles and burdens they face with the assurance that their needs and concerns are taken seriously.

  • Service to the church and the community through visitation and hospitality.
  • Fun in fellowship - Fun nights allow ladies to come together, to be casual, and to enjoy themselves.

Check out the Events page for dates and times.

To receive further information about our Ladies' Ministry, please contact the church office by phone at (865) 882-3754 or by any means listed here.

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